10 Great Foodie Spots in Atwater Village (2023)

Atwater Village, the nearly two-square-mile Los Angeles neighborhood between Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Glendale and the Los Angeles River, is getting a boost of energy as new businesses move to Glendale Boulevard. Just come for brunch at Canelé or All' Acqua on a Sunday, maybe a cappuccino at Kaldi Coffee or a healthy vegetable kick in a glass from Juice and watch the crowds go by.

Some go to the Atwater Village Farmers Market to buy organic produce or eggs. Others check out the exotic bird shop, knitting shop, art book store, or craft boutique. Lots of babies. lots of dogs. In other words, this humble working-class neighborhood is on the move to modernity. You can still stop by Club Tee Gee for a drink, upgrade your tennis and badminton gear at the Racket Doctor, or sign up for classes at Dave's Accordion School.

Whether you're a resident of Atwater or just visiting, here's our guide to places foodies will enjoy.


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all water –This rustic, modern Italian restaurant from the Barbrix team (Claudio Blotta, Adria Tennor and Chef Don Dickman) brings a dose of glamor to the neighborhood. A full bar offers well-priced cocktails (try the Eastsider or Atwater Julep), while the wood-fired oven serves Neapolitan pizza (after 10 p.m. there's a discount during happy hour) with pork sausage with fennel and honey pollen. wild fennel . Dickman is a master of ragu, and his fried noodles with short ribs and porcini mushroom stew are worth a trip. Warm service and a well-curated list of Italian and Californian wines add to the appeal of this brilliant spot on Glendale Boulevard. Also Sunday brunch right next to the farmers market. PS, that name? It is Italian and means "in the water".3280 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 663-3280;https://www.allacquarestaurant.com/

Atwater Village Farmers Market— Every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. In the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot, the Atwater Village Farmers Market gathers more than two dozen top farmers. You'll find essentials, but also rare herbs, organic grains and beans, local cheeses, grass-fed poultry and meat (sometimes even rabbit). The food options are pretty good too -- homemade soups, freshly shucked oysters, fish tacos. And on the last Sunday of the month you can hand in your e-waste for recycling.3250 Glendale Blvd. (an der Larga Avenue), Los Angeles;https://www.seela.org/atwater-village-farmers-market/

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For the record

April 30, 12:02 p.m.:A previous version of this post stated that the Atwater Village Farmers Market is held in the Bank of America parking lot. It is located in the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot.


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Canelé— In this "farm-to-table" restaurant, the chef/owner Corina Weibel prepares fresh, seasonal dishes with an idiosyncratic charm. The menu (which doesn't change much) is chalked on a tall slate: French lentil soup, dandelion salad, pissaladière, roast chicken and more, and for dessert, the Good Girl cheesecake. The best seat in the house is the communal table in the front window. There's always a wait for the cheddar shrimp grits brunch or the steak hash on Sunday mornings, and they now have lunch three days a week.3219 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 666-7133,https://canele.la/#/home

There— A small shop (no sign) houses Dune, former Elf Cafe chef Steve Zweizen's popular falafel joint. Organic Green Herb Falafel is light and fluffy, laid out on a platter of thick flatbread and topped with hummus, baby potatoes, and homemade pickles. Rare, pasture-raised lamb is served on the same flatbread, with lemon-turmeric yogurt and seasonal vegetables. The menu is short and sweet: a few salads, egg hummus dishes, and other dishes. Eat at the narrow counter or outside at the sidewalk tables.3143 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 486-7073,https://dune.cocina.

The juice— This little juice bar fills up with the roar of the machines as juice lovers queue up to eat carrot, apple, and ginger or apple, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, parsley, lemon, and ginger, more than a dozen combinations in all. They also make their own almond milk in three flavors, and for those who like it, they sell detox and cleansing packs. Look out for the Juice bike, equipped with a cart, at farmers' markets and other events.3145 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, (323)644-0250;https://thejuicela.com.

Cafe Kaldi— So many writers work on screenplays or stories on their laptops that you could mistake this cozy café for an Apple Store. With the rich aroma of dark roast coffee and a professional barista preparing espresso, latte and macchiato, it feels like a study here, serious but relaxed. Of course there is free WiFi. You can sweeten your joe with fair trade raw cane sugar. There are donuts on Sundays. And the store opens at 6:30 am most mornings.3147 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 660-6005;www.kaldicoffeatwater.com.

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Mutter— This sleek, modern Mediterranean is a Momed outpost in Beverly Hills. The Atwater version features an al fresco bar and a spacious, sun-drenched patio with shady umbrellas. Owner Alex Sarkissian describes the cuisine as Eastern Mediterranean with excursions to Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq and Egypt. That means a selection of fresh salads and mezzes, including a golden beetroot tzatsiki, avocado hummus, smoked eggplant baba ghanouj andmuhammara(roasted peppers, nuts and pomegranate). and wonderfulasks, long oval flatbread from the wood-fired oven, topped withsojukSausage, cheese or vegetables (discounted on Monday evenings and during Happy Hour). The wine list includes Greek and Moroccan wines.3245 Casitas Ave. Los Angeles, (323) 522-3488,https://atmomed.com/aw/

Test bakery- "Croissants! Croissant!" replies a three-year-old to his mother at the next table. Proof Bakery has passionate devotees, some of whom are obviously very young. There are also Valrhona chocolate croissants, modern orange scones, peanut butter cookies with apricot jam, French apple tarts and flourless chocolate cakes, as well as delicious fig and oatcakes in cooler climates.Owner Na Young Ma is a talented baker who uses only the highest quality ingredients.Stop by at lunchtime for sandwiches on homemade baguettes.It's best to get there early , before you run out of the cupcake you've been craving.3156 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 644-8633;https://proofbakeryla.com/.

Vietnamese noodle bar— Long communal tables and a bookcase provide the minimalist setting for Vietnam's pho and noodle dishes, which are made mostly from organic ingredients. The Hanoi-style pho ga (chicken pho) is delicate and garnished only with coriander and spring onions. Tran also makes a vegetarian pho with tofu and shiitake mushrooms. Popular dishes include turmeric fish noodles and soy shell noodles with mushrooms and shallots. The menu also offers a range of vegetarian dishes. Even banh mi is available in shiitake tofu or vegan basil tofu variants. You can't make banh mi with pork; The other options are sole, chicken or spicy sardines.3133 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, (323) 906-1575,https://www.vietnoodlebar.net.

55 degrees wine— Atwater Village also has a neighborhood wine shop, 55 Degree Wine, which focuses on inexpensive wine and craft beer. The wine selection leans towards Italian, which is nice, but the shop also stocks wines from Argentina, Portugal, Spain and Australia. Not sure what you want? Come early evening for a wine tasting in the wine cellar. Wine flights and wines by the glass rotate every week. And if you want to stay home and hang out, they have basic charcuterie and cheese platters and can send you a thin-crust pizza your crispy-crust neighbor made.3111 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, (323) 662-5556,https://www.55degreewine.com.

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