The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (2023)

Valorant is a 5v5 FPS game released by Riot Games in June 2020. Valorant's game mechanics are a bit like CS GO; However, there were many additions. There are twenty agents in the game so far, each with unique abilities. Shortly after launch, players experienced tournaments in each region that led teams for the first timeestimateTournament of Champions tournament. It was there that we all saw some of Valorant's best players pull off some stunning plays.

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If you want a new name in the game, you should read themHow to change the name of Valorantto lead. Now you can level up easily by reading theHow to level up in Valorantto lead. Crosshairs and crosshair placement play an important role in the game;dot sightseline of sightrandomly simple but effective.

Valorant mechanics and benchmarking

In a game like Valorant, marksmanship and game sense are essential, but it's not all about superior fragmentation. In CSGO tournaments, we rank players based on their skillsMiraplace. However, in Valorant you can see agents with different skills and four different roles.

Duelists are expected to fight the first few fights and gain access to the location so the spike can be planted. The Initiator's role is to force enemies out of hiding and lock them in tight corners while assisting Duelists at the entrance to the venue.

The sentries have the duty of securing the location, providing intelligence and preventing enemy flanks. After all, controllers basically block enemies' vision and therefore control more area.

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In short, Valorant isn't just about firearms; Instead, it's a team game. If your team has five Duelists and the opponents have a reasonable team composition, you will never be able to do what Duelists are supposed to do. With the help of everyone's skill, victory is possible.

So if controllers only get six kills in a game, that doesn't mean they're bad. Rather, they're why entering the site was so easy and why nobody on the enemy team chooses an operator.

The list of the best Valorant players in the world is based not only on skills acquired, but also on their feel, skill usage, and team engagement. These are the variables we chose for several reasons. Team involvement also plays an important role as you might have played a game where a toxic player ruined everyone's psyche and that is the reason why your team lost.

Best Pro Players in Valorant

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (1)

All teams have the best of the best players in their roster. Because of this, the roster is mostly made up of players who are part of the Valorant Champions Tour. These are the players who grab a hand when nobody expects it. Sometimes they just make the casters look dubious as it looks like they are using an aimbot. Most importantly, these players are consistent in their performance among Valorant's 807,935 players.

1. TenZ

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (2)

Tyson Ngo, the so-called "Wonder Boy" is enjoying his time in Valorant, and no one can deny it. His CS GO journey hasn't been that pleasant; however, he redeemed himself in Valorant. At first he was part of Cloud9 Blue, but later he joined the Sentinels. From there the trophies started coming and the team was unbeatable.

Sentinels successively won trophies such as "VCT 2021: North America Stage 1 Challengers 1" and "VCT 2021: North America Stage 1 Masters". There's no doubt that even in this team game, TenZ deserves most of the credit. His performances and clutch moments were also amazing.

His insane reaction time and unpredictable moves make opponents look like idiots no matter how good his feel is. Also, he can read the team perfectly, making him adaptable rather than a self-centered duelist. You will mainly see TenZ playing Jett, Raze and Reyna.

2. sim

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (3)

Jacob Whiteaker with player tag Yay is currently on OpTic Gaming's list. He also played CS GO, but his skills got the recognition they deserved in Valorant. In the North American region of Valorant, he is considered one of the best players and top fraggers in 2022.

Like cNed, Yay played against Jett, but after his nerf he also played against Chamber due to the better flanking advantage. Yay played an important role for OpTic Gaming by winning the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters - Reykjavík tournament.

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He had the highest KD ratio of 1.32 along with an average combat value of 252.3, the second highest. He managed a total of 417 kills over the course of the tournament.

3. Scream

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (4)

Adil Benrlitom with the gamertag "ScreaM" is also known as "The Headshot Machine". Your single touches with a dot crosshair are perfect and satisfying. Unlike TenZ, he is considered one of the best deadly aim players in both CS GO and Valorant.

Many would argue that ScreaM isn't getting the recognition he deserves because of Team Liquid, the team he currently plays with. In the international tournaments we all saw Team Liquid fight, but ScreaM carried his team and made it appear in 3 international tournaments.

Reyna's top Valorant players admire ScreaM for gameplay, positioning, and dueling. Recently, in VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters - Reykjavíkevent, everyone testified that ScreaM has a top 5 K:D ratio of 1.22 and an average combat value of 260.5.

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4. cNed

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (5)

Mehmet Yağız with the player tag "cNed" is only 20 years old but has 14 years of gaming experience. He started out playing duelists, mainly Jett and Reyna. However, it wasn't until June that we saw him pick Chamber due to the character's latest "tour de force." He likes to play around with the operator, and Chambers Ultimate is like the most polished operator.

His operator skills seem odd as he kills enemies as soon as they peak thanks to his peak reaction time. The reason he stopped playing with Jett is because of the nerf Jett received recently, as players have to press the dash to activate a timer and then press the dash button again. The Vault even offers cNed to stay out of corners and instantly teleport once he's killed.

cNed is part of Acend's roster and was quite trusted by the team. He won the VALORANT Champions 2021 against Gambit Esports due to his insane gameplay. The final was best of 5 as cNed didn't perform as expected in the third game and the whole team just fell apart.

It shows how much the team trusts him; in the other rounds his performance was exceptional with a KD ratio of 1.6 in the last round. Also, Acend has lost rounds where opponents chose to avoid cNed at all costs or take him out alone, so he's out of the equation.

5. ShahZaM

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (6)

Shahzeb Khan, known as "ShahZam", is the game master of the Sentinels team. Though his aim and reaction time are not always accurate, he is praised for his versatility. Instead of choosing an agent, he stands out and chooses the Fill option.

We've seen him play Jett excellently, but due to TenZ on Sentinels he rarely gets the chance. However, for better map coverage, he can even play Sova with correct orientation to gather as much intel as possible. We all know how important in-game information is, and without it, Sentinels cannot gain the advantage they normally have.

6. Asuna

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (7)

Peter Mazuryk, the 18-year-old player known as "Asuna", is a 100 Thieves player. He is the main fragger of 100T and often plays with Raze and Phoenix. We don't see much of Phoenix in the VCT team comps, but Asuna isn't common. He likes his plays to be unpredictable, so he does what isn't that common.

Choosing Raze is a nightmare for opponents as he knows exactly how to use his abilities. He knows Boombot lineups, like for Hookah on the Bind card, forcing players to retreat or fall victim to him. Asuna rushes to the location with an absolute YOLO mentality, using all of her skills to claim the location for her teammates.

He's probably the most aggressive player in Valorant; Even in post-planting situations, it won't hold an angle. Instead, he chooses to keep pushing and blocking enemies who turn or try to retake the spot.

7. Blatt

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (8)

Nathan Orf, with the player tag "Leaf", is a Cloud9 player who is probably the most underrated player in Valorant. Even if his team loses, he keeps getting 3-4 kills in a round until team morale picks up again.

Leaf played with Skye, an Initiator, for a long time and still managed to be the best frag on the team. There is no legend in the composition of the Cloud9 team, so the team relies on Leaf for health. Leaf has no healing support for himself, but he chooses to play aggressively.

His performance against Team Liquid was phenomenal in Berlin, where he scored an ace in the first round. With 19 HP, he went up against ScreaM and L1NK in a 1v2 and managed to beat both of them. He hit at least two aces in that game, and at one point a pitcher joked about checking his computer for an aimbot.

Since Valorant released the new Duelist "Neon", Leaf has changed its preference. Now he has a pick rate of 40.7% for Neon, 29.6% for Chamber, and just 11.1% for Jett. Statistics also support his preference as his average combat value with Neon is 266.4, the highest.

8. Wardell

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (9)

Matthew Yu, a Canadian player named Wardell, used to be on the TSM roster. He recently came to version1 as a replacement for a short time. Like many Duelists, he's also a main Jett and doesn't require much assistance from a Controller or Sentinel on his team.

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He pushes the side on the fly and smokes the strong defensive angles through his smoke. Wardell goes through updrafts and dash into angles to surprise enemies. He is full of energy, which keeps his team's morale high.

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9. Strom

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (10)

Spencer Martin recently retired from professional Valorant competition, but is still part of 100 Thieves streaming every day on Twitch. Every Valorant player has seen it at least once, especially if they have the Valorant Beta account.

Hiko is probably the player who remembers what changes Valorant brought and what the game was like. All your viewers will get information about the sense of the game or a tip that will help them in the future.

Hiko plays this competitive game like it's a hobby; he doesn't get toxic or nervous. Instead, he keeps the team mentally stable and shows everyone smooth gameplay.

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10. Sinatra

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (11)

Jay One, with the gamer tag Sinatraa, played for the Sentinels but was suspended over allegations of sexual abuse and hasn't played competitive Valorant for a while. However, Sinatraa streams on Twitch and gets a lot of praise there. He mainly plays with Raze and Sova and sometimes with Reyna.

He is absolutely fearless and doesn't care how many bullets are left. His weapon switching speed is perfect and he switches to it instantly. His feel is on another level and he can sense where the player is coming from like he has wallhacks.

He is currently up for pick and any team would be lucky to have him on their list. Although he missed the start of the Valorant tournaments, he may be able to make a name for himself in the years to come as he is only 22 years old.

11. Sick

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (12)

Hunter Mims with the player tag "SicK" is another Sentinels player who has experienced CS GO Professional tournaments with teams like TSM, Complexity and Misfits. He is one of the most flexible players as he can play any role to support his team.

Sentinels fans know the match will end if SicK and TenZ choose Phoenix and Jett, respectively. Their duo of duelists is just amazing. Also, you will see how SicK plays agents like Sova and Sage, who are totally different from a duelist but stand out from the crowd.

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12. nAts

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (13)

Ayaz Akhmetshin aka "nAts" is part of the Gambit Esports roster. He usually plays with Viper and Cypher. The controller and sentry role was boring until the nAts arrived. It introduced new objectives to the game and played agents that many wouldn't play.

His play with Viper introduced many settings that many teams chose and still use. Also, people don't expect professional players to use an agent like Cypher in tournaments. This is because cypher traps and cameras are placed in predictable locations, making them easy for opponents to break.

However, nAts accepted the challenge and made Cypher settings that would change all the time. He spent hours finding points that would give the team as much information as possible while confusing the enemies.

His team continues to look to him in difficult situations and he never lets them down. He's one of the best players in Valorant when it comes to 2v1 or 3v1 clutch situations. He just doesn't let the pressure get to his head and plays calmly and with incredible feel.

13. Zyppan

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (14)

Pontus Eek is part of the FunPlus Phoenix team. He is the main duelist on the team and loves to play with Raze. His movement with Raze backpacks looks like someone is flying all over the map. He's not even scared when someone shoots, as he also uses a backpack for the far point, catching the opponent from the angle and making the first shot.

Like most other top Valorant players, he has also dominated other non-Duel Agents. When there is defensive strategy in team composition, Zyppan has no problem playing with Sage. His slow orb lineups are excellent and he has mastered the ability to use Sage's Wall for offense and defense.

He was also the top performing player in "VCT 2021 Stage 2 EU Challengers 1" with an average battle score of 523 against Guild Esports in the Grand Finals.

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14. Stahl

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (15)

T1 player and game master Joshua Nissan with the player tag "Steel" is 32 years old. Critics use his age to paint him in a bad light as he is at the end of his career. However, he had his breakthrough in the role of Sentry.

As mentioned, Valorant is more than a gun game. You may be having a bad day, but you manage to lead your team to victory. Steel has decades of gaming experience and uses it to create amazing plays for his team.

The placement of his abilities on agents like Killjoy and Cypher makes him appear to read his opponents' minds. Wherever he places the traps, enemies will fall straight into them. Aside from defending, his lineups and positioning allow him and his teammates to hold the position effectively in a post-plant situation.

15. Mix well

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (16)

Oscar Cañellas Colocho is the captain of G2 Esports because of his charismatic quality. He gained popularity with CS GO and improved his reputation through Valorant. Mixwell has taken his team to international tournaments several times and his team was the first to win against the undefeated Sentinels.

He started his Valorant career as Main Jett. He later became a flexible player to balance the composition of the team. He has recently played with KAY/O, Skye and Chamber.

16. Zeek

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (17)

Aleksander Zygmunt deserves special credit as he has no CS GO experience. Instead, he's a retired Fortnite player who had a lot to learn since Valorant's game mechanics are completely different from Fortnite. He is part of the Acend team and mainly feuds with Reyna, Raze and KAY/O.

Zeek used to be at G2 Esports where he learned aggressive gameplay which is why he continues to push the site with Reyna and Raze. Ever since he joined Acend, fans have been arguing about who is the better player, he or cNed, and the answer isn't that simple as they share a tight spot in Acend's roster.

17. Rotgar

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (18)

Igor Vlasov, with the game tag "Redgar", is the Game Leader of Gambit Esports. His feel for the game and his leadership qualities make him unique. His gameplay is fairly passive as throughout the game he is busy strategizing and telling his teammates what to do next.

He likes to play with Astra, Sova and Sage. These agents allow Redgar maximum control of the location while slowing down enemies at the entrance, along with the intel his team needs.

18. Subrose

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (19)

Yassine Taoufik, who used to be a Pro CS GO player, struggled in the early stages of Valorant. He makes the TSM squad and the team suits him. He's been known in the community as the cursed gamer ever since he first started playing with Raze.

Raze's Ultimate Showstopper is basically a splash damage missile that needs to be hit on the surface. No matter how hard Subroza tried, he always missed the target and was killed. Their fight ended when Skye was introduced to Valorant.

With Skye's guiding light, Subroza can easily flash any enemies advancing in place. He also knows how to spray Vandal, the gun with the hardest recoil. Most players use Phantom so they can switch easily, but Subroza isn't one of them.

We've seen him multiple times against a heavy jab where he simply double blinks at Skye and uses a clip to kill 4 or 5 of his opponents. That's why his opponents avoid entering a location he's defending.

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19. Shroud

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (20)

Michael Grzesiek, who retired from professional CS GO four years ago, is now back! On July 8, 2022, Team Sentinels announced on theirofficial twitterregarding the shroud joining the list. Following this tweet, the Sentinels benched Zombs, playing primarily as controllers.

In his last stream, where he played competitive games with Sentinels, he chose Viper. His in-game formations were perfect, as was his feel. He plays the game quietly while talking, which doesn't distract him.

Aside from zombies, he can also replace Shahzam when it comes to in-game leadership. Shahzam is the type of player who is too focused on the game and therefore tends to get distracted by callouts. The Sentinels have been struggling lately, and Shroud is a new hope that can get the Sentinels back on track.

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20. Klaus

The 20 BEST Valorant Players of 2022 (21)

Last but not least is KRÜ Esports player Nicolas Ferrari. The VCT was dominated by the EMEA and NA regions, giving LATAM teams insufficient recognition. Also, Klaus used to be a player of Overwatch, another FPS shooter but with different game mechanics.

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In Overwatch, the recoil isn't that big and players can easily spray. When Klaus switched to Valorant, he struggled with the recoil pattern of weapons like the Vandal and Phantom. He still has a lot to learn when it comes to aiming, but when it comes to game sense, he's the reason KRÜ Esports has competed in all four of Valorant's international tournaments.

His in-game leadership is top-notch, as are his attitudes. He plays with Viper, Sova, and Breach to help his team, and Keznit in particular, so they can properly maintain the website with complete information.


These are the top 20 current Valorant players, and they each have a unique playstyle as well as a deadly aim. The list may be limited, but over time the Valorant Champions Tour will include other regions. Soon we will be able to experience very different gameplay along with new metas from other regions.

The World's Best Valorant Player - FAQ

Is TenZ the best brave player?

When it comes to solo gameplay, TenZ is arguably the best player in Valorant.

Who is the best brave player?

When it comes to being a team player, Yay is the best as he recognizes his team's situation and does what needs to be done.

What is the average Valorant player rating?

An average Valorant player is ranked at Silver 1 according to statistics, but with the introduction of the new Ascendant rank, players will soon be moving up the ranks.

What is a flex player in Valorant?

A flexible player is someone who enjoys playing different characters in the game and expects others to choose an agent so they can balance team composition.

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